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Join Telered!

Be part of this great company. We are one of the best places to work in Panama and Central America, having been recognized for 9 consecutive years by the Great Place to Work Institute.

You will have training and continuous development, competitive compensation, among other benefits.

We would like to count on your passion to continue innovating and building together the super transactional highway of Panama.

What is being a Teler's?

To be Teler’s, is to belong to a team of innovative, excited, committed and proud of the work they do.

A group of people with values, different personalities and skills that complement each other to innovate and overcome the challenges they face every day, to be Teler’s is to be helpful, integral, creative, reliable, responsible and innovative.

It is the desire to improve and transform, the desire to transform the country and the environment where he lives.

Benefits of being a Teler's

At Telered we are not only concerned about the economic welfare of our Teler’s, for us it is important that they can enjoy good health and family unity, for which we have developed a package of benefits that add value to the life of each of our employees.

Discover each of these benefits below: