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The Key of Clave is Sharing

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The Key of Clave is Sharing

SISTEMA Clave established strategic alliances with important national retailers to offer exclusive promotions and discounts for its cardholders during the month of December 2022. This initiative sought to inspire, guide and accompany Panamanians during the year-end holidays, carrying a positive message about the responsibility of managing their finances.

In addition to the discounts, the participating stores had the presence of the Booth of Dreams. Here the children were able to live a Christmas experience with Santa and express through a drawing, the meaning of Christmas. A panel of judges selected the best drawings, which were awarded a $300.00 prize.

The participating stores were Novey, Cochez, Powerclub, El Titán, Clinilab, Madison, El Campeón, Vélez, La Onda and Rodelag. SISTEMA Clave seeks to be more than just a product for Panamanians, we want to inspire and be part of the lives of all Panamanians.