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SISTEMA Clave grew in 2020

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SISTEMA Clave grew in 2020

150 thousand new cardholders have access to Sistema Clave

The increase of users in 2020 of Sistema Clave is of more than 150 thousand new cardholders in the whole country and there are more than 2.2 million active cards. This means that two out of every three economically active Panamanians use a Clave debit card in Panama. For this entire universe it represents half of the population.

According to Telered’s figures, the Covid-19 Pandemic accelerated the bankization of thousands of retirees, who now use the Clave card to receive their payments. All the users of the system can make cell phone recharges, payments for public services, transportation recharges, payment of bills, plates, taxes and cleaning fees to the Municipality of Panama, and send money to other parts of the country through Clave Giro. They can also buy in more than 26 thousand stores throughout the Republic and more than 200 by e-commerce. They have more than 2,200 ATMs and 36 Financial Institutions affiliated to Clave Network.

In times of coronavirus, an alternative to avoid cash and reduce risks during the pandemic is the use of electronic payments through bank platforms, ATMs and debit cards.

“The pandemic has taught us that the less we touch the objects around us, the less risk we have of contagion. This is why we recommend making payments with your Key Card, thus avoiding the risks of touching the cash that passes through so many hands,” advised Ivan Marchosky, vice president of products and operations. “The Clave Card is the most effective and secure way to handle payments remotely, without additional charges or costs for making purchases, and it also provides a pin number that makes all the difference. Today the Clave is more effective than cash,” added the vice president.

Adapting to the technology within the payment ecosystem brings great benefits to citizens, as it contributes to the physical security of people. Tarjeta Clave is a 100% Panamanian service with 29 years of operations in Panama and therefore is a vital part of the country’s economy.