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Frequently Asked Questions

Making purchases with your Clave card is like using cash. There are no additional charges or fees for making purchases either in stores or through electronic commerce.

You can obtain a Clave card by contacting any of the Financial Institutions, members of the SISTEMA Clave.

The cash withdrawal limit at ATMs is $500.00 per transaction. You can make multiple withdrawals during the day, but each cannot exceed $500.00.

To find out the exact daily withdrawal limit, consult your Financial Institution.

To make purchases with your Clave card, check with your Financial Institution if they have this service available for your Clave card.

If your Financial Institution confirms that “Yes”you can do it. You only have to enter to the electronic commerce that has the Clave payment method, and you must register your Clave card only the first time.

Then you will have to carry out the transaction by following the steps requested and entering your PIN number. The transaction will be carried out immediately.

With your Clave you can carry out cash withdrawal transactions outside of Panama at ATMs with the Plus or Cirrus logo. It is recommended that you inform your Financial Institution before leaving on a trip.

You can make recharges and payments at any ATM in the Network without additional costs.

In case you have a problem with your Clave card, you should contact your Financial Institution. Don’t accept help from strangers.