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Multiple options for your customers

SISTEMA Clave offers Financial Institutions with a general license, the ability to provide their customers with the availability of their funds to carry out transactions through Clave cards. With more than 2 thousand automatic teller machines (ATM) it is possible to carry out multiple transactions, purchases in stores, either online by e-Clave or directly on the premises.

The Financial Institution can acquire different services, such as the issuance of Clave cards, processing of international brand cards, acquisition of terminals such as automated teller machines (ATMs), points of sale, processing with Virtual Clave Cards, such as Clave Giro and transactions with Clave cards not present, also known as e-Clave.

Cards with all the benefits of SISTEMA Clave at the local level

Clave cards can be issued and used throughout the national territory through a network shared by more than 45 Financial Institutions, with which transactions such as payments, recharges, money transfers, purchases in stores and e-commerce can be carried out with e-Clave. Clients can have access to their bank accounts and make use of deposited funds, 365 days a year.

International brand debit card processing

Financial Institutions that decide to issue international brand debit cards have the opportunity to include the benefits of a Clave card in ATMs, allowing different types of transactions and maintaining the functions of the international brand debit card.

These cards have all the certifications, quality and security standards that Telered offers.

Safe and available ATMs 24 hours

Financial Institutions may choose to install ATMs and / or points of sale that process transactions with Clave cards throughout the national territory.

Through the network made up of more than 2,000 ATMs, users can carry out withdrawals, inquiries and transfers between accounts. Additionally, they can streamline their payments for public services, make payments to private companies, and make donations and recharges, directly at the ATM.

The operation is carried out within a secure environment with availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring the continuity of the service.

Points of sale (POS)

This service allows the creation and registration of POS terminals in the system, monitoring links and generating reports associated with the service, from which commissions are obtained according to the distribution agreed between Telered, S.A. and the Financial Institution.

More benefits for Financial Institutions.


24 hour availability.


Comprehensive monitoring of the operation and connection to the Clave network.


Fraud management.




Greater variety of services to your clients.

e-Clave, the new way of doing business

e-Clave offers a new channel to affiliated Issuing Financial Institutions, to provide another means of payment and purchases to their Clave users, which consists of carrying out electronic commerce transactions at the local level, using the PIN to increase the security of the transaction.

This service represents an increase in transactions and a reduction in the use of cash and checks, as well as an increase in income for the Institution through earnings in commissions for transactions carried out.

On the other hand, Financial Institutions under the figure of acquirer, can affiliate businesses that offer digital platforms for electronic commerce transactions, which can be done via the web or through the mobile application.