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100% Panamanian with multiple options that adapt to you.

The SISTEMA Clave brand offers multiple electronic transaction services carried out through different channels, such as ATMs, points of sale and local electronic commerce, available through Financial Institutions with a general license.
Using your Clave is the same as managing your cash electronically and without additional costs. And the best thing is that you can make use of the funds you have deposited 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This allows you to comfortably carry out transactions of different types in person or online.

  • Cell phone recharges.
  • Payments for services such as electricity, water and telephone.
  • Metro and MiBus recharges
  • Panapass recharge.
  • Sending Clave Giro.
  • Payment of tickets, plates, taxes and cleaning fee.

With almost 30 years in the market, the SISTEMA Clave has more than 2 million cards issued, more than 2,000 ATMs, a large number of points of sale and digital platforms of allied businesses that allow e-commerce transactions with e-Clave, throughout the entire country.

SISTEMA Clave services are available to:


System available 24 hours for your convenience.


More easiness through a single connection point.

Financial institutions

Multiple Options for your clients.


Payments, recharges and purchases on digital platforms.

Frequently asked question

Making purchases with your Clave card is like using cash. There are no additional charges or fees for making purchases either in stores or through electronic commerce.

You can obtain a Clave card by contacting any of the Financial Institutions, members of the SISTEMA Clave.

You can make a maximum daily withdrawal of B/.500.00 at ATMs. However, the daily amount that you can use with your Clave card, whether for purchases or transactions at ATMs, will depend on the policies of your Financial Institution.