Mis Pagos Hoy


Mis Pagos Hoy

Manage your payments at any time and any place

Mis Pagos Hoy service connects directly to all affiliated financial institutions and service companies to a single technological platform.

The user can view online and immediately relevant information of all invoices for services and in this way manage payments at any time, from anywhere through online banking of its financial institution.


Offer to all Financial institutions a single point of interconnection for payment services, this feature eliminates the need to have connections with various institutions, which reduces the process of reconciliation of the accounts
Provides agility, reliability and safety in payments and purchases.
Availability of the payment service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
Diversify the use of alternate payment channels.
Add security by eliminating the risks associated with transactions in cash and theft, fraud, etc.
Application of the payments of the customers immediately. The payments through the Payment Hub will be reflected immediately in their accounts.
The process of communication, between the gateway or payment button and the bank and with the merchant is online. The payments are automatically updated.
Thanks to the correct application of the payments received in the accounts of your customers, occurs an increases of confidence of these.
Improve the satisfaction of customers by incorporating a versatile, safe and on-line payment channel.
Maximize operational efficiency in the management of payments, recharges and shopping online.
Financial Institutions affiliated to the service:
Affiliated service companies: