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Regional work meeting

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Regional work meeting

Innovation in the development of new technologies is Telered’s SISTEMA Clave commitment to boost financial inclusion and regional growth.

11 billion dollars in transactions during 2022 validate the transformation of the consumption habits of the 2.4 million Clave cardholders. This amount represents a 20% increase over the previous year.

Panama, January 15, 2023. More than 238 million electronic and digital transactions in SISTEMA Clave channels were recorded in 2022, representing 40 million more than in the same period of 2021. These transactions exceeded US$11,723 million in 2022 compared to US$10,600 million in 2021, with growth in all provinces of the countryside in its different channels and products.

The countryside provinces with the highest growth in these channels were Chiriquí, Coclé, Colón, Darién and Veraguas in terms of ATM transactions and POS purchases, with 36 million transactions and 26 million payments, respectively, thus boosting economic activity and local, regional and national e- commerce in the country.

“We strive to stimulate business innovation under new means of payment and consumption models, which streamline resources for production systems and value chains in various economic sectors of the country, in order to generate greater competitiveness”, explained Alexander Acosta, executive vice president and general manager of Telered.

In order to achieve this objective, Telered held a working meeting with high-level representatives of 11 financial institutions, including banks and cooperatives with a national presence in the provinces of Herrera and Chiriqui, where they reviewed cooperation opportunities to enhance economic growth in the countryside.

The day was an opportunity to review the economic impact in the countryside of the implementation of ACH Xpress in banks with regional branches, highlighting that instant bank-to-bank payments were able to close 2022 with more than 225 thousand accumulated transactions for an amount of more than US$27 million.

Tools were also evaluated to continue strengthening the replacement of cash handling with electronic payments in the countryside; the growth of sectors where the consumption patterns of their users are changing and the benefits that real- time interbank transfers will bring with the use of cell phone numbers and electronic wallets in 2023.

Acosta, on behalf of Telered, closed his meetings by sharing the company’s roadmap aimed at accelerating customer plans to increase banking penetration through innovation in the development of new technological platforms that contribute to the economic growth of all regions of the country.