Points of Sale

Points of sale in stores.

Pay all your purchases with the most rapidity and security.

In only an average of five seconds, the SISTEMA Clave cardholders can pay all their purchases at the merchants affiliated to Sistema Clave, without charges per transaction, without risks and without delays.

Just by presenting your Clave card at the merchants affiliated to Sistema Clave, the cardholder can make purchase transactions and at the same time obtain the following benefits:

Benefits of the platform
The Clave card is accepted in more than 17,000 merchants throughout the country and there are currently more than 18,000 points of sale installed in all the member merchants.
With your Clave card you are not exposed to thefts, since you are free from the need to carry cash. Your Clave card is protected by a PIN number, which prevents other people making transactions with your card.
With the Clave card you can review your account statement in order to keep a better control of your expenses. It is faster and more convenient to pay directly with the Clave card, than having to make a cash withdrawal first. Just like the ATMs, the points of sale also operate 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, but their availability is subject to the business hours that each merchant affiliated to the system has.
The purchase with your Clave card does not cost you more and you are not charged interest for using it. With your Clave card you have a better control of your expenses and save by paying the exact amount for your purchase and not handling cash. SISTEMA Clave does not charge per transaction at points of sale.

How to make transactions?

Fast and simple transactions

Making a transaction at the SISTEMA Clave points of sale is very simple, convenient and safe for the cardholder; he/she only has to follow the steps that appear below:

Step 1
Select the type of account: 1 is for savings, 2 is for checking account.
Step 3
Input your secret number or PIN.
Step 5
Sign the receipt, keep the copy and take back your Clave card.
Step 2
Verify the purchase amount.
Step 4
Press the ENTER key.
  • Verify in the screen that the account selected is the correct account; if you make a mistake, press the CLEAR key and select the correct account.
  • Input your secret number or PIN, provided that you have verified that the amount to be paid is correct. Keep the receipts as a record of payment and to control your personal expenses.
  • Every time you wish to make a correction, press the CLEAR key.
  • Avoid at all times your secret number or PIN being seen by other people.
  • Remember to request your Clave card when you complete your purchase.