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We are Innovation that transforms

With more than 30 years of experience, we lead the evolution of electronic financial services through automated platforms that have made us the transactional highway in Panama. Thanks to our constant desire to innovate, we are able to offer agile, inclusive and effective solutions for all types of companies, financial institutions or users.
We have an infrastructure supported by technology that has the capacity and speed necessary to implement new applications, and we connect national and international entities, whether private or public, through a communications infrastructure that transmits information safely and reliably with Affiliated Financial Institutions.

The commitment and passion of our people is the capital that stimulates the power of innovation that is reflected in transformation and in the permanent concern to make changes that respond to market demands. We are a company that works shoulder to shoulder for the development of the country, being a technological arm that promotes the competitiveness of the financial sector.

“We are a 100% Panamanian company, with the commitment of each and every one of the organization’s collaborators, who with care, enthusiasm and dedication have accepted this challenge of transforming the Market, responsibly facing the challenges of an increasingly demanding environment, at the level of a company such as Telered.”

Alexander Acosta

CEO / Executive Vice President and General Manager

Our aspiration:

Convert cash handling into electronic payments.

Our purpose:

To be the best electronic transaction and information processing solution.


  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Responsible
  • Principled
  • Helpful
  • Reliable

Política de Calidad

At Telered S.A., we are committed to providing high quality products and services to the financial and commercial sector, in order to exceed the expectations and needs of our customers and shareholders. Therefore, we seek to serve, strengthen and develop the payments ecosystem with transaction processing in Panama, through innovative technology, agility and continuous improvement of our processes, in compliance with requirements and regulations, and applying industry practices and standards.

Nuestros Valores


  • We invent what we have in mind by being creative and productive.
  • We are constantly exploring new concepts and opportunities.
  • We imagine and create by doing the difference.


  • We generate new ideas or concepts.
  • We create ideas with a high degree of commitment in the development of
  • We are constantly learning and discovery.
  • We found new ways and solutions.


  • We make decisions in a conscious.
  • We have responsibility for our environment.
  • We are committed and act in the right way.
  • We are constantly growing personnel and as an organization.


  • We remain loyal to our values and principles.
  • We do the right thing even if we don’t are watching us.
  • We are characterized by being fair and honest.
  • We show respect to all.


  • We are attentive and diligent with everyone.
  • We always help and support.
  • We have initiative.
  • We think about the well-being of the others.


  • We are known for being loyal and complimentary.
  • Being authentic and genuine defines us.
  • We listen carefully to identify needs.
  • We are assertive and truthful in our communication.
  • Safety is paramount in our doing.
“Ethics is a code of values that guide our decisions and actions, determines the purpose and direction of our lives.”

Ayn Rand, filósofa.

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I thank Telered for giving me the opportunity to work during these 5 years, for allowing me to give my best every day, supporting us all as a great family, so for me Telered is like my home.

Servicios Generales


I thank Telered for given me work and for being part of my professional life during these 8 years. They have always made me feel part of the family, both personally and professionally, my commitment is to be able to contribute the best of myself, my knowledge and learning



I am infinitely grateful to God for each year of blessing, even in difficult times like this, and that you have saved us from all diseases to continue working and thanking for being in a company like Telered, which opened the doors for me 8 years ago, collaborating with this great team of colleagues, And where every day I find a new opportunity to learn.

Servicios Generales


There are many personal and professional experiences that I have lived during these 13 years of working in Telered. at a professional level, I had the opportunity to learn about cryptography, which as I learned more from it became one of my passions. at the Personal level I had the opportunity to meet other companies in the Latin American region where I was able to share and obtain new knowledge, but which at the same time, allowed me to meet and cultivate great friendships which awakened in me the passion for traveling and learning about new cultures and people.



I want to thank Telered for letting me be part of this great family for almost 10 years, where they have given me the opportunity to grow professionally and where I have been able to give the best of myself in each project, but above all, because it has given me the joy of meeting great and excellent human beings along the way a way I hope to continue walking, To contribute and collaborate with the Great projects that are to come.

Gerente Senior


11 years ago I started this Adventure full of great challenges, professional and personal growth, many opportunities and great benefits Telered has given me, which over the years have impacted me in a positive way. I want to especially thank the opportunity this has given me to share with everyone my talent with the accordion in different activities of the company.