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Through the Onboarding Portal Mis Pagos Hoy, you can automate the collection of your company's invoices.

Now you can subscribe your business to through our onboarding portal which gives you the ability to collect payments in a near real time, through a single point of connection with Financial Institutions, which enable payment through their online banking.

The service fee includes a per transaction of $ 0.65 cents, minimum monthly charge of $ 50.00

Portal de Afiliación

Immediate billing collection


Reduces your account reconciliation time


Uninterrupted service.
We are on it 24 / 7


Greater confidence with the security of payments received


Maximize operational efficiency

Financial Institutions affiliated with Mis Pagos Hoy:

  • Bac Credomatic
  • Banco Ficohsa
  • Banco General
  • Banco Nacional de Panamá
  • Banesco
  • Banisi
  • Banistmo – Nequi
  • BCT Bank
  • Caja de Ahorros
  • Canal Bank
  • Capital Bnak
  • Cooperativa de Profesionales R.L.
  • Global Bank
  • Mercantil Banco
  • MMG Bank
  • Multibank
  • St. Georges Bank
  • Unibank

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