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El período de promoción inicia el lunes 1 de julio al lunes 30 de septiembre a las 12:00.00 a.m.

Resolution No. MEF-RES-2019-1583 of 26 June 2019.

Any purchase made at POS (points of sale) located in the merchants affiliated with the Key SYSTEM card, may participate in three electronic draws, which will be made according to the following calendar

  • First Draw: Friday, August 2 (including transactions July 1-31)
  • Second Draw: Tuesday, September 3 (including transactions from 1 to 31 August)
  • Third Draw: Thursday, October 3 (including transactions from 1 to 30 September)

All draws would be held at 10:00 a.m. at the Panama Pacific offices in Howard.

Each sweepstakes will include purchases with a minimum value of $25.00 or more during the campaign period.

Purchases are not cumulative, i.e. participate in the transactions that take place in each of the periods of the promotion by Sweepstakes, so the purchases made in the first draw, do not participate in the second draw, and the purchases that participate in the second draw or draw does not participate in the third draw.

All Key SYSTEM cardholders making B/ purchases. $25.00 or more, during the promotion period, in merchants that accept Key Card as a means of payment, they will automatically be generated an electronic ticket that will participate in an electronic tombola.

All purchases made, between B/. $25.00 or more, in the established period you participate in the promotion, that is, the more purchases are made with the Key card the more opportunities there are to win. Award-awarded purchases participate only once per draw.

If purchases are made at the sponsoring merchants, the ticket is quintupled, i.e. instead of having 1 ticket per purchase transaction, 5 tickets will be generated per purchase transaction.

The sponsoring stores are:

  • Novey – three thousand dollars in certificates
  • Cochez – three thousand dollars in certificates
  • Madison- six thousand dollars in certificates

All the purchases (POS transactions) made during each period indicated for the promotion will be accumulated, paying with Clave card.

The names of the winners will be published in local newspapers, after the date of the draw.

There are 27,000.00 dollars of prizes in total distributed as follows:

First draw:

  • 10 winners of B/. 500.00 dollars each (cash)
  • 5 certificates of B/. 200.00 dollars from Novey
  • 5 certificates of B/. 200.00 Cochez dollars
  • 10 Madison $200.00 certificates

Second draw:

  • 10 winners of $500.00 each.
  • 5 certificates of 200.00 dollars of Novey
  • 5 certificates of 200.00 Cochez dollars
  • 10 Madison $200.00 certificates

Third draw:

  • 10 ganadores de 500.00 dólares cada uno.
  • 5 certificates of 200.00 dollars of Novey
  • 5 certificates of 200.00 Cochez dollars
  • 10 Madison $200.00 certificates

Conditions and Restrictions:

The winner of the prize must be of legal age (18 years), with the exception of students of the Universal Scholarship program, who must be represented by his/her representative and to withdraw his prize must present his/her youth identity card in force.

This promotion does not apply to ATM transactions.

Cards from other brands that have the Key SYSTEM logo do not participate.

The winner must have the account and Key Card active in the Financial Institution issuing the Key Card in order to receive the prize.

To reflect the transparency of the promotional campaign in POS (point-of-sale terminals), it does not participate employees of TELERED, S.A.

In the event that the winner does not comply with the conditions, at the time of making the draw, another random selection will be re-made that meets the aforementioned conditions.

The Financial Institution will then contact the winners to inform clients about the award and coordinate the award ingesting at TELERED’s Panama Pacific offices.

The cardholder must be presented to the TELERED offices to sign the acknowledgement of receipt of the prize and the deposit will be made effective in the account that the client designates, on the third business day after signing the note.

TELERED will make the deposit for the amount of the prize to the account numbers that the winning customer designates.

In the event that the winner is located outside the country, the Financial Institution must coordinate with the Key Cardholder, the confirmation of the delivery of the prize by means of an email belonging to the person who wins the prize, and the same must be send the signed letter with a copy of the passport by this same route to the Key Card Issuing Financial Institution.

In the event that the prize is not claimed, TELERED must donate the prize, in accordance with the regulations of the Board of Games Control.