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The promotion period begins on Thursday, October 18 and ends on Sunday, December 16, 2018. Approved by resolution No.2814 of 22 October 2018.

All purchases made at the POS (points of sale) located in stores affiliated to the Network with the SISTEMA Clave card, may participate in an electronic drawing which will be held on Wednesday, December 19, at 10:00 a.m. at the offices located in Panama Pacifico in Howard.

The draw will include purchases with a minimum value of .00 or more during the campaign period.

All Clave SYSTEM cardholders who make purchases of .00 or more, from October 18 to December 16, 2018, in stores that accept Clave card as a means of payment, will be automatically generated an electronic ticket that will participate in an electronic raffle.

If the Clave cardholder makes purchases at Doit Center, Supercentro El Fuerte, Almacenes El Costo and Multimax, the electronic ticket is multiplied five-fold, that is, five electronic tickets are generated when the purchase is made automatically, under the mechanics explained in the previous paragraph.

Every purchase made, between 25.00 dollars or more, in the established period participates in the promotion, that is to say, the more purchases are made with the Clave card, the more opportunities exist to win. Winning purchases participate only once.

The names of the winners will be published in local newspapers after the draw date.


Up to 20,000 dollars will be awarded in prizes distributed as follows:

– 40 certificates of 0.00 each, consisting of:

  • 10 certificates of Warehouses The Costo
  • 10 Doit Center certificates
  • 10 certificates from Supercentro El Fuerte
  • 10 Multimax certificates

The order of the draw will be as follows:

  • 10 certificates of The Costo
  • 10 Doit Center certificates
  • 10 Multimax certificates
  • 10 certificates from El Fuerte

Conditions and Restrictions:

The winner of the prize must be of legal age (18 years old), with the exception of the students of the Universal Scholarship program, who must be represented by their attendee and in order to withdraw their prize they must present a valid juvenile personal identity card.

This promotion does not apply to ATM transactions.

Cards of other brands that have the logo of the Key SYSTEM do not participate.

The winner must have the account and the active Clave card at the Financial Institution issuing the Clave card in order to receive the prize.

This prize cannot be redeemed in cash, therefore, it is clear that the winner will not be able to make any type of change or claim regarding it.

In the event that the winner decides that for greater reasons he cannot receive the prize, he can transfer it to a third person, establishing it by means of a notarized written note.

In the event that the prize is not claimed, TELERED shall donate the prize in accordance with the regulations of the Games Control Board.

To reflect the transparency of the promotional campaign at POS (point of sale terminals), they do not participate in it:

  • Employees of TELERED, S.A.
  • Employees of the advertising agency
  • Lawyer

In the event that the winner does not comply with the conditions, at the time of the draw, another random selection will be made that complies with the aforementioned conditions.