Clave Giro

Sistema Clave Giro

A Giro to your Comfort

With the new service Clave Giro you will be able to send and receive cash in any part of the country, immediately, through the ATMs of Sistema Clave of financial institutions affiliated to the service.

Benefits of the platform
Minimum requirements
People who receive a Clave Giro transaction do not need to have a Sistema Clave debit card or bank account.
24 hours / 365 days
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Quick and secure transactions and no lines

How to use Clave Giro?

Please follow the instructions below:

Sending of money

Options Clave Giro
Select the Clave Giro option in the ATM.
Receiver data
Enter the cell phone number from which you will receive the money.
You will receive a shipping receipt that has a unique PIN number. You must send the number to the person who will receive the money.
Receiver Alert
The receiver will receive a text message with code to withdraw money at the ATM, without a password.
ATMs where you can send money:


cash withdrawal
The person receiving the money, must select the option Transactions without a card at the ATM, in the next screen select the option Clave Giro, then enter the virtual card number received by text message (SMS) on your mobile phone, then enter the PIN provided by the person who sent you the money and make your withdrawal at any CLAVE ATM.
ATMs where you can withdraw money: