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Frequently Asked Questions

ACH is a platform that allows participating Financial Institutions that are members of the network, to offer the interbank transfer service to their clients or users.

The transactions processed by the ACH are the money transfers made by clients or users between different participating Financial Institutions that are members of the network.

Any natural person or company that has a savings or checking account and access to online banking or mobile banking from any of the participating Financial Institutions, can transfer money through ACH.

Transferring money between accounts of the same bank is solved immediately since it does not have to go through a compensation process compared to transferring money to accounts of other banks.

Currently, the ACH allows Financial Institutions to release funds 3 times a day according to the hours the service operates. This means that depending on the time that your Financial Institution receives and uploads the transaction to the ACH Platform, will be released depending on the policies of your Financial Institution.

Using ACH is much faster, convenient, safer, and cheaper than using a check. The use of the check implies operating expenses for the natural person or company that writes the check and loss of time and insecurity for the person or company that receives the check, since it must physically go to a branch to deposit or cash it.