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The link that provides accuracy and speed to your transactions

ACH Directo is an electronic funds transfer system that provides accuracy, security, convenience and speed to all its users and beneficiaries, direct and indirect, electronically linking financial institutions, companies and individuals to streamline payments and collections.

  • Agile | fast and easy
  • Safe | risk free
  • Comfortable | from wherever you are and at any time
  • Reliable | provides the peace of mind of knowing it’s safe
  • Dynamic | adapts to your needs

All these benefits are provided through the different services aimed at people, companies and financial institutions.




Financial institutions

Fund transfers

Insurance premium collection

Payment of payroll

Dividend payment

Credit card payment

Payment to suppliers

Fund concentration

Collections between companies

Mortgage payments

ACH Directo

System available 24 hours for your convenience

Real Time Payment (RTP)

Más facilidades por medio de un solo punto de conexión.

Frequently asked question

ACH is a platform that allows participating Financial Institutions that are members of the network, to offer the interbank transfer service to their clients or users.

The transactions processed by the ACH are the money transfers made by clients or users between different participating Financial Institutions that are members of the network.

Any natural person or company that has a savings or checking account and access to online banking or mobile banking from any of the participating Financial Institutions, can transfer money through ACH.